Your Outfitter | Dave Jellie

“A heart of gold with a ton of experience”

I have lived and breathed the outdoors and its pursuits for as long as I can remember, especially Hunting, Fishing and most shooting sports. My parents ensured I was catered for the Wild outdoors and they encouraged everything to do with it.

As a young fella the untamed wilderness of New Zealand was my playground – I couldn’t get enough. I was always Fishing or just plinking with a Rifle. While still going to school and like many other kids my age that I grew up with, I made extra pocket money by way of trapping and shooting various animals.

My career choices followed in kind.

I joined the New Zealand Army as an Armourer straight from school. After completing my apprenticeship I became a little bored with working indoors so I changed to the Infantry Regiment where I enjoyed a rewarding and long lasting career serving all over the World. The infantry fostered a huge interest in the world of sport shooting. Since then I have been fortunate to compete all over the world in several disciplines and to this day, I still try and keep my hand in – with IPSC pistol being my latest interest.

I left the military and went into aviation where I flew Helicopters positioning Fishermen and Hunters into some magnificent country chasing animals all over New Zealand. All the while still spending plenty of time in the hills of New Zealand Hunting and Fishing.

I fell into guiding while in aviation. I spent a fair bit of time with AATH (Aerial Assisted Trophy Hunting) as both a pilot and guide. I took an interest in and gained a fair bit of knowledge about New Zealand game animals during this time. I learned the most about the guided Hunting industry in New Zealand from my good friend and previous owner of this business –Marcus Pinney.

Marcus took the time in passing on his substantial knowledge and intellectual property over numerous years which included many guided hunts. I felt truly humbled when he and his wife offered me the opportunity to buy this business and I did not hesitate in accepting.

For everyone that has ever hunted with Marcus and enjoyed his wife’s amazing hospitality there will still be opportunities to do so as we will continue to accommodate our clients at Te Taho Deer park and I am sure Marcus would like to get out for a hunt when time allows.

I am also fortunate to spend and thoroughly enjoy a few months in BC, Canada every year. Guiding Stone sheep, Caribou, Moose and Mountain Goat with the odd Black Bear and Wolf tag thrown in.

I intend to offer specialized Guided Fishing trips and summer Hunts for both Thar and Chamois. This is an excellent time of year with less pressure on the animals, the Bull Tahr especially, being in large Bachelor groups. It will also allow more flexibility for you opposed to the fall/winter season.

It is my/our intention to be able to assist anyone who is interested in the epic New Zealand hunting adventure. We will be able to accommodate you for any hunt you may desire and if for some reason we cannot accommodate you due to time, we will know someone who can.


So, Join me on an experience of a lifetime. You can be assured I will enjoy the hunt just as much.

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